Scent Of Pleasure Profumo Di Piacere



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Scent Of Pleasure Profumo Di PiacereMs Julia Smith, interpreted by the beautiful Sofia Gucci, is going to buy some precious perfumes Mr. Dou, owner of the workshop where he produced the precious essences. Everything seems to be going well but when you pick the miser Mr. Dou tries to escape, bringing with them the precious cargo along with the suitcase containing the money … but something is wrong during the flight as planned and aromas are lost. Mark, a guy who is close to the place of exchange, by chance notice the briefcase and takes it. Thus began a race to regain possession of the valuable content that will involve not only lost the beautiful Ms Julia, l’miser Dou, Mark the ignorant but also all those who meet the three. Those who fail to get their? is for you to find out.

Date: Maggio 8, 2015

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