Around The World In 80 Ways – (2015)


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Around The World In 80 WaysThe rococo maisonette themed room clearly required layers of petticoats, bloomers, and an enthusiastic round of fucking. Stoya finds Mickey Mod in Amsterdam’s infamous red light district No snack foods were harmed during (or involved in) this scene. We’d walked from the first arrondissement up to Pigalle in the 18th, stood outside the Moulin Rouge (a landmark in the history of sexualized spectacle) and then looked for an hourly hotel. The most pressing sex-thing to do in England was a shoot with A Four Chambered Heart. Steve Holmes brings his giant schwanz and his old-school style of gonzo to a hotel near Notre Dame de Paris. Stoya: I just get cabin-fever-y if I stay in the same city for too long. Kayden: We’re going to figure out a way to monetize this wanderlust. Stoya: Fuck you’re good at playing the capitalism game. Kayden: Ok, here’s the series name… Around the World… in 80 Ways.

Date: Dicembre 20, 2015

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