Bound By Desire X-Art (2016)


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Bound By Desire  X-Art   (2016)6 Scenes

Aubrey stars as a seductive secretary who works for a handsome, wealthy, young businessman. One morning, as usual, he is so entrenched in work that he barley notices her. She feels like she deserves a little punishment – and a lot of pleasure – from her dominating boss.

Jake engages in a little rope play with The Red Fox before taking her on a sultry menage a trois, with the fiery Red Fox and raven-haired babe Keira. Lucky for Keira, she gets to be tied up, ankles to wrists.

The secret to this art is absolutely indulging in the vulnerability, just looking into one another’s eyes and letting go…feeling ecery little physical sensation.

Date: Aprile 12, 2016

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