Daddy Loves My Rosebud Too 2017




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More Naughty Daddy-Daughter ASS SEX! Hope Harper Dear Diary: Daddy decided to adopt Anastasia and we started getting the house ready a few days before her arrival. I was really nervous and even a bit jealous cause I know how she is. Needless to say when Daddy came in to help with the room he could tell something was a bit off. We talked for a few minutes and then I decided to stake my claim as Daddy’s #1 princess! I pulled down his shorts and started sucking his cock like a bitch in heat. Once he was hard I spun around and begged him to fuck me doggystyle. Next thing I knew I was on my back and Daddy was cumming inside me and all over my ass too. I think seeing me jealous really turned him on and he definitely knows who his princess is! But just to be safe I’ll let him fuck my ass later! Anastasia Rose Dear Diary: After my Dad got locked up for blowing up that building Uncle Jay offered to adopt me. I was so excited to become part of the family I moved in before everything was final. A few weeks later we finally got the news so my new Daddy came to tell me. He came in my room and gave me the news then suggested we celebrate. I knew just what Daddy meant so I started sucking his cock. He played with my pussy a bit then started fucking me. My new Daddy was so excited it wasn’t long before he came all over me. I’ll bet he’s going to enjoy fucking my ass too. Now if I can just keep Hope smiling we’ll be one big happy family as long as Daddy loves my rosebud too!

Date: Febbraio 27, 2017

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