Double ass meat injection



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Double ass meat injectionDouble Ass Meat Injection is one of those titles which gives you a pretty shrewd idea of what you’re about to
see. Five scenes feature lovely girls, alone or in pairs, on the receiving end of some serious penetration!
First up, a babe with long curly red hair and legs to die for makes the acquaintance of two naked men with
big cocks. Wham, she is instantly sucking one of the mega-dongs, and taking the other in her shaven pussy
and arse. The guys swap, so that the other can penetrate her willing anus as she ends up with an impressive
gaper! In the next scene, two young girls are talking sex together. One is slight, with tiny tits, while the
other is much more curvy, with fabulous breasts. They get excited, and wish they had someone to fuck. Along
comes a handsome bald guy, who obliges most generously! His monster cock gets well sucked and fucked. Next,
an oriental girl in a micro-bikini top and fishnet hold-ups is pounced on by two beefy musclemen. They pound
her arse relentlessly, and finally shoot their loads into a drinking-glass. The girl finishes off by drinking
their combined cum! The two remaining scenes involve two stunner babes who pleasure each other beside a sunny
swimming-pool, and are then serviced by a passing hunk, and a chick with magnificent tits who gets well and
truly stuffed on a pool table! Cast: Keeani Lee, Audrey Hollander, Others

Date: Aprile 23, 2015

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