Enterrement De Vie De Jeune Fille Aux Caraibes



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Enterrement De Vie De Jeune Fille Aux CaraibesVeronica’s getting married in a month, and to celebrate, her two best girlfriends have arranged a dream week away in the Caribbean for her. But Veronica is a good girl, too good.
But her fiancé isn’t pining while she’s gone: he takes advantage of this opportunity by enjoying the lusty talents of two prostitutes – real anal sex pros who don’t skimp on hungry blowjobs.
Veronica, who suspects nothing, finds out what her fiancé is up to. She decides to take her revenge by offering her welcoming holes to any man who crosses her path. Deep-throat rough anal, double penetration… She’s open to it all! In this earthly paradise, the three girlfriends are going to discover that pleasure has no limits.
This holiday promises to be extremely hot…

Date: Luglio 2, 2015

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