Fool Me Once, Shame on… Me – 2015


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Fool Me Once, Shame on… MeHave you ever wondered how frisky catholic school girls really are? Weve all heard that they are naughty, because they dont meet many boys, havent we? Well, Kota Sky is absolutely no exception. Sure, she has a catholic school boyfriend who has always wanted to wait until they are married to try fooling around. I think he secretly just doesnt want to get in trouble. But today Kotas on her masseur Ryans table, and he immediately recognizes his chance at some virgin throat. What is this chicks boyfriend thinking, not fucking a beautiful horny teen throat like hers? Ryan butters her up, telling her she needs practice if she wants to keep her guy. The bait works too, but not only for Kota! Chloe Chaos, Skylar Green, Jessica Ryan and Gaia all have masseurs who push the boundaries to get a sloppy blowjob in exchange for their expert oily massages. Will they all fall for the trick? A Fantasy Massage original film.

Date: Novembre 1, 2015