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Homemade Fuck Flicks 2017 (Reality Kings)So Fresh And Clean

Kacey\’s BF had just got his new camera and really wanted to make a sextape with her. What better place to catch her and make the proposition than in the shower. Kacey being a sexy blond babe, had just turned off the water and was still toweling off. Lucky for us, her BF caught her in a good mood, and she indulged him. Kacey showed off those nice tits, round booty and hot pussy. The couple made their way to the bedroom, and we knew what was coming next. Kacey got down on her knees and started giving her BF an incredible blow job. He got so hot and sprung, he couldn\’t take it anymore, so he laid Kacey down and went straight to stroking that pussy. Her BF worked that tight snatch from multiple positions until he couldn\’t hold out any longer. Then he pulled out and busted his load all over Kacey\’s sweet ass.

Jamming Jamie

Jamie is a curvaceous ex-GF that was looking fine as hell this morning, as her BF filmed her choosing her wardrobe for the day. He didn’t even hide his intentions from her, as he had the camera rolling the whole time. Her booty was looking so ripe in some tiny tight shorts. Jamie’s big tits were also looking nice and juicy under her shirt with no bra on. We could tell she was freaky babe from her pierced nipples. After some persuasion, her BF convinced her to change her underwear on film. Her pussy looked just as good as her sweet tits and ass. Once he started rubbing her coochie and giving that booty loving, Jaime caved in. In no time, his cock was in her mouth, and she was sucking away. He got rock hard and gave those perfect big tits a stroking. It was crazy hot.

Wet Lips

Tysen and her BF were down in sunny South Florida for a vacation. They hit the beach, and Tysen showed off her sexy slim body. Wearing a tiny see-through bottom that totally revealed her pussy print after a dip in the water, her BF who was already recording a video started to get ideas. They were both getting into it, so they decided to go back to the hotel to get their freak on. Once back in the AC, her bikini top came off to reveal those sweet tits. And in no time flat, she had her BF’s cock in her mouth and down her throat. Tysen sucked that dick like a pro, and her perfect pussy got soaking wet. It was hot and ready for her BF’s cock when he entered her. He held nothing back and went balls deep into that hot box. Tysen got stroked from various angles and had multiple orgasms before she got on top and took that cock for a ride. Tysen worked that pussy like she was pulling overtime. Then she took a hot shot of cum all over her body. It was one HOT video!

Beautiful Belle

Just being girly on a lazy weekend morning, Layla and her friend Belle were doing their nails and gossiping. Belle had spent the night, so the ladies hadn’t really done themselves up for the day yet. They were actually still in their panties and night clothes. Layla’s BF, Tyler, had come in with his new camera and decided he would try and record the girls. They were pretty hesitant, so he just made it more about having fun. With a little begging and pleading, Tyler finally got the ladies to show off a little skin for the camera. Layla was a sexy tall blond, and Belle a Latina with a big juicy booty. The girls eventually took their tops off and started playing with each others titties and kissing. It wasn’t long before Tyler had his rock hard cock on display for the ladies to partake in. Being the good friends they were, they’d never had a problem sharing, so it was no different when it came to dick. Layla jumped in first to suck his cock, but soon Layla took suit and was deep throating his dick too. From there, an all-out threesome ensued. Tyler took turns swapping between their hot and wet pussies. In the end, tagging Belle’s pussy from the back while looking at that smoking hot ass proved to be too much, and he busted all over that booty like any sensible man would. It was one wild threesome they’d never forget.

Real Sex

Young love was in the air in this GF Revenge sex tape. You can tell from the way Sadie couldn’t find the shampoo in her BF’s apartment, and the look on her face when she encountered a camera in his hand, as she wore nothing on but a towel that this was pretty early into the relationship. We’d gotten a little peak at Sadie during a towel nip slip when she was getting the load of clothes for the washer. It was definitely promising. She was surprisingly cool when her BF recorded her naked while changing. Before too long, he had her on her knees jerking his cock. Sadie finally pulled out those nice tits and showed us the goods. Then she gave an unbelievable blow job that left us dying to see more. Once he was good and hard, her BF laid her out on the bed and stroked that pussy deep. Sadie took it like a champ. But the action really got nice when he turned her around to stroke that pussy in doggy style. It was awesome watching her big ass bounce and rebound, as he drilled her from behind. That booty was super juicy and did the trick because her BF had to pull out. He ended up busting his load all over her pretty face, as Sadie gave a big smile to camera and licked it all up.

Oh My Mia

Mia decided to catch her roommates in the act since they always make her late to work by hogging up the bathroom for their little daily dalliances. She turned on the camera and whipped the door open only to see her pal Belle on her knees sucking her live-in boyfriend off. Jacob could care less Mia was filming but Belle was embarrassed. Jacob seized this opportunity to try and turn it into a threesome with great success. He knew Belle had a thing for their roomie and figured if he played it just right he could get a menage a trois going. It worked like a charm and they all enjoyed each other for quite some time. Needless to say, Mia wasn’t upset she was late that day. Although, if she ever comes across this footage, I think she’ll be infuriated that one of her roomies betrayed her trust and put their sordid deeds on the net.

Released : Jan 31 2017


Mackenzie Banks
Jamie Jackson
Tysen Rich
Belle Sparkles & Layla Adams
Sadie Kennedy
Belle Noire & Mia Mae

Date: Gennaio 17, 2017

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