Interracial Family Affairs No. 3 Desperate Pleasures (2015) Released: Nov 09 2015


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Interracial Family Affairs No. 33 Teenage Ebony Beauties. One Naughty Uncle. Guess What Happens.

Ava Sanchez

Mom had to go out of the country on business and sent me to stay with my Uncle Jay. He was always nice to me. Needless to say I got comfortable right away. So comfortable I started having sexual dreams about my Uncle. I confided in my cousin Akira about my fantasies and she encouraged me to with her dad. I went to Uncle Jays room and waited for him to come home. He was shocked to find me in his bed and even more shocked when I started sucking his cock. Uncle Jay was a passionate and gentle lover that knew just when to pound my pussy.

Jenna Foxx

Mom suggested I go spend some time at Uncle Jays to get away from my troubles and Uncle Jay was happy to take me in. After a few nights I started dreaming about sucking and fucking my Uncle til I soaked the bed. One afternoon I caught Uncle Jay staring at my tits and soon my top was off and Uncle Jay was sucking my nipples. It felt so good I couldn’t help myself and I started sucking his cock. I straddled his face and came really hard in just a few minutes. We made love and I completely lost my senses until Uncle Jay exploded inside me… I’m not on the pill damnit.

Ocean Pearl

After hearing so much about Uncle Jay from my aunt I had to spend some time with him over the summer. He was just as nice as everyone said but I could tell there was more to him. After fantasizing about him a for a few nights I decided to tempt fate and prove my theory. I used an approaching storm as an excuse to lay with him and just like I though he couldn’t resist a young girls body laying next to him. He teased me bit and then we made love like there was no tomorrow. I can’t wait til tomorrow morning when we wake up together, that will be even hotter.

Date: Gennaio 13, 2016

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