More Than Girlfriends Colette (2016)


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More Than Girlfriends  Colette   (2016)Naughty Neapolitan what do you get when you combine a super hot and horny blonde, beautiful brunette and wet & ready redhead in a bedroom together? A naughty Neapolitan!
Lesbian loving and strap-on fucking our contract girl Alex grey and veronica have been lusting for one another of late. The sense of fun and the strong sexual attraction was obvious from the beginning, and i must say that our crew loved being on the set.
Naughty blondes with each move, this scene gets hotter and hotter…maybe even one of the best lesbian sex scenes ever!
Please fuck my ass with a strap on you heard the girl…and she even said please! So Kenna rises to the occasion and fucks Aubrey -first in her pussy, then in her ass – just as she wanted.
A naked assault what better way to quench your mid-summer thirst than by watching some lesbians getting sloppy wet and fucking each other’s pussy and ass?
A message from Colette… I must say that our crew loved being on the set. I know that these lovely young women got off knowing that you would be watching as well. You’ll be craving some pretty pussy after watching this one, i guarantee it.
XOXO, Colette

Date: Febbraio 3, 2016

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