Paint – 2014


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paintIt’s Not Just Complicated It’s Abstract!

Leelee is an aspiring artist, willing to do whatever it takes, including taking a job with a highly regarded painter named Jenn. Jenn is an older and wiser, and young Leelee takes full advantage of her mentoring. But Leelees no mere starfucker. She has feelings for Jenn; She just doesnt know how to express themexcept in her art. Still, her lusty affection for her boss doesnt keep her from sleeping with young Hollywood hotshot (and douchebag) Jake Malloyagainst her better judgment and on the promise of a major gallery show. Not surprisingly, Malloy ends up treating Leelee as just another sex prop in his strange, fetishistic world. Will Leelee become an art star? Or will she wind up on the canvas like so many wannabes? Will Jenn pick her up and dust her off, or never look back? Its all here in Paint, a story of tortured love, beautifully framed by B. Skow.

Date: Ottobre 15, 2015

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