The Wanting 2017


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In The Wanting, a pair of horny spirits that live in an old, wrecked house inspire sex between those that enter its threshold!Rogerio Van Damme inherits an old, run down villa in the country that he must sell because he needs the money. He stops by with his real estate broker (Andre Tavares) to look the place over, estimate its value and discuss terms of their business arrangement. To seal the deal, Rogerio tops Andre in the living room.Next, Andre begins showing the house, first to a gay couple, Pablo Picaco and Christian Motta. Pablo hates the place, but Christian can spot a fixer-upper from a mile away and wants to “test” it out in his own special way. The two find some privacy and locate an old mattress on which Pablo tops Christian.Then, Gabriel Coelho and Lucas Marssan arrive to meet with Andre and tour the house, but Andre never shows. They end up in the kitchen, feel a warm draft, then Lucas tops Gabriel. The next day, Pablo returns to meet the agent Andre and discuss a deep discount for creaky floors, old wiring and bad plumbing. Negotiations come to a heated climax when Pablo tops Andre outdoors.Finally, night falls and Rogerio takes a walk through the villa. While poking around the attic, he finds some old but salvageable furniture, then sees phantom reflections in a mirror. He peers in and is suddenly sucked into the mirror itself, where he becomes the third guy in a three-way with Willian Aldebarian and Jonas Pinheiro.

Date: Febbraio 6, 2017

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