Uncle Jack’s Taboo Fantasies 4 2017 (Desperate Pleasures)


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Uncle Jack’s Taboo Fantasies 4 2017 (Desperate Pleasures)Amanda Bryant My niece came by demanding I give her the BJ part in a scene. Well, you can’t just send someone out to do a job taking their word for it. The problem was that this part was a challenging role and I really didn’t think she would be willing to do it. She’s still a precious, little girl and even though I know she’s all grown up, I felt like I had to protect her. Well, she’s pissed. Of course, she can do the job and she can do the job as well as or better than most and she’ll show me. This should be interesting. Well, she did. She threw me down on the bed, took off my clothes, sucked my dick like a champ then started riding me. She did cowgirl and reverse cowgirl so I could see that beautiful butt bouncing up and down on my dick then she leaned way back and rode me some more while I played with her clit. She got me in a doggy position then had me be still while she fucked me, that was exciting and she took every inch with joy and then she took the creampie. You could see my cum in her and see her push it out so I pushed it back in again and then she pushed it out again. Amanda has a beautiful face, wonderful butt and a delicious pussy and that blonde, pale body is just gorgeous. She kept my dick wet the whole time and I loved it. I’ll definitely tell her about the next part that comes up for a really hot young babe.

Sedusa Drakina This naughty niece always gives her Uncle Jack everything he wants!

Candi Apple Candi was one of those nieces but not really a niece by blood. When Candi Apple was young she lived nearby and would hang out at my pool. When she got married and moved away I was really sad, because she was so sexy. She’s back and sexier than ever. That magnificent body just keeps getting better, everything about her is sex and she really enjoys what she has. A killer body built for breeding, wonderfully shaped hips, nice round butt, big beautiful tits, fantastic oral skills and a personality any guy would love to be around. It just doesn’t get any better than that. You’ve got to see Candi Apple doing her reverse cowgirl. She gets off on it almost as much as I do. She really enjoys her work.

Released: Jan 04 2017


Candy Apple
Amanda Bryant
Sedusa Drakaina

Date: Gennaio 26, 2017

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